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Development Capital & Financing, LLC
Financial Advisory Services

GPFAC has assembled a distinguished team of Principals to drive its project finance advisory business.  This team has closed $125.4 billion in project finance deals worldwide ($35.9 billion in renewable energy alone) in diverse roles as a financial advisor, lender, and project sponsor.  It has the experience and bandwidth to offer comprehensive project finance services to support any project finance transaction worldwide.

There are four main factors differentiating GPFAC's advisory services:

- Experience with industrial companies and major equipment contractors that has led to a deep understanding of the commercial contracts in a project finance transaction and the underlying business and financing issues;

- Experience working across the financial services sector in a variety of roles (advisor, underwriter, and equity investor) that has led to an appreciation of risks from a lender and investor standpoint;

- Unique experience with renewable energy (closed $35.9 billion in utility-scale solar, wind, biomass, and nuclear energy projects); and

- Extensive US and Emerging Market experience with a global presence (US, Europe, Africa, and Asia).

GPFAC Principals get it right the first time, increasing the probability of success and dramatically reducing development time and cost.
Depending on the needs of a particular project, GPFAC shall appoint the most appropriate team, in close consultation with the client, to support that project.

GPFAC’s Financial Advisory Services include the following:

Financial Advisor

During the development, financing, and closing stages of a transaction, GPFAC will act as the project's financial advisor:
- Support negotiation of bankable commercial contracts
Review consistency of model with commercial contracts;
- Perform a credit assessment of the counterparties
- Work with the Independent Engineer and other consultants
- Design a comprehensive insurance program;
- Perform risk analysis and develop risk mitigation strategies;
- Optimize the financial structure;
- Design an appropriate security package;
- Support the appointment of Lead Arrangers;
- Support the Lead Arrangers during the syndication process;
- Negotiate appropriate covenants in the loan documents;
Prepare a Preliminary Information Memorandum;
- Support an approach to loan syndication; and
- Drive the closing process.

Due Diligence

GPFAC can conduct a comprehensive review of a project finance transaction and produce a due diligence report that outlines:
(a)   Critical risks
(b)   Possible solutions to mitigate these risks; and
(c)   Conclusions and recommendations

This service can help to drive the closing process by focusing resources on the major deal-breakers from a financing standpoint.

Portfolio Management

GPFAC offers the following services to asset managers:

1. Map the portfolio and manage resources:

(a)   Screen each project to identify critical issues and propose solutions;
(b)   Assess project quality by rating top 10 drivers and assigning a score;
   Assess the profitability of each project;
(d)   Classify each project in the portfolio based on its quality and profitability;
(d)   Map the portfolio to assess the relative value addition of each project;
(e)   Establish a rational basis to allocate resources for projects under development; and
(f)    Guide strategic portfolio decisions, including acquisition and divestiture.

2. Supplement existing resources by offering day-to-day support for monitoring, reporting, restructuring (if needed), and management of individual transactions.

Reduce the risk of potential write-offs by
(a)   Reviewing existing policy and procedure manuals or develop new manuals;
(b)   Incorporating uniform credit standards across the organization; and
(c)   Training programs to reinforce policies, instead of manuals.

Project Preparation & Support  

GPFAC will support clients and Host Governments in strategy and project preparation to increase the likelihood of attracting institutional investment.

Services include:
(a)   Review of the policy framework for institutional investment;
(b)   R
eview of the project documents available to bidders;
(c)   R
eview of collateral and assessment of bankability; and
(d)   Recommendations.

GPFAC is uniquely qualified to advise on privatization in the Emerging Markets:
(a) Closed pioneering, privatization deals worldwide:
- United States
- United Kingdom
- Italy
- Turkey
- India
- Malaysia
- Colombia
- Mexico
- Venezuela
- Morocco
- Côte d’Ivoire, and
- South Africa
(b) Advised Host Governments in privatization of infrastructure;

(c) Understand perspective of international lenders and investors; and

(d) Can guide the creation of an investor-friendly environment.

GPFAC Principals have a client base that is a virtual list of ‘who’s-who’ among industrial firms, contractors, project sponsors, financial institutions, and Government agencies worldwide.  GPFAC would be pleased to discuss this client base, subject to confidentiality agreements.

Disclaimer:  GPFAC is not a securities firm, broker, or financial advisor.  It does not provide any funds and it is not a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”).