Development Capital & Financing, LLC

GPFAC’s Project Finance Advisory Team includes the following:

Paul Barbian (Principal)
Ruth Beckers (Principal)
Fabio Catellanos (Principal)
Enervest Capital, LLC (Strategic Partner)
Alok Mathur (President)
• Jim McCrea (Principal)
David Stevens (Strategic Partner)
Julie Stewart (Principal)
William Streeter (Principal)

This team has closed $111.5 billion in project finance transactions worldwide.

GPFAC’s team includes David Stevens, who was the CEO of XL Capital Assurance (“XLCA”) and a member of Municipal Bond Insurance Association's management team.  In these top management roles, David has overseen and approved in excess of $100 billion of underwriting in financial guarantees (please note that this figure has not been included in the closing experience presented above).  David also is the CEO of Ascending Markets Financial Guarantee Corp. ("AMF"), a company he is in the process of launching.  AMF will offer currency-matched, long-term loan guarantees for infrastructure and renewable energy projects in emerging markets worldwide.  These loan guarantees would be rated AAA (National scale in each country) and it is expected that the funding would be provided by institutional investors and local pension funds.

Others who are a part of the AMF team include Fabio Castellanos, who is based in Colombia and has extensive experience in Latin America ($6 billion in various corporate and export finance transactions) and Bill Streeter who is an international infrastructure and municipal finance specialist with over 30 years of experience in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, India, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Australia. Over time, Bill’s role has ranged from bond ratings, to asset management to advisor.  He has unique experience with rating agencies and municipal bonds as well as a deep knowledge of the Asian market

GPFAC’s team includes 5 members from the credit origination team at the Loan Program’s Office at the US Department of Energy (“DOE”), including Jim McCrea who led that team closing 30 transactions across a range of technologies with an aggregate loan value of $24 billion and a loss record of less than 0.5%.  This was a remarkable achievement considering that DOE’s charter does not permit the financing of technologies that are commercially proven.  In all, Jim has closed $28.1 billion in project finance transactions and has established clear leadership in the renewable energy sector.  Other members of the DOE team include:

  • Paul Barbian.  Member of AMF team; Closed $20 billion project finance deals; Head of project finance in Europe for UBS; Middle-East Joint Ventures; strong IPP experience; US Department of State.  MBA Georgetown University
  • Enervest, a company founded by Karine Khatcherian, is a strategic partner of GPFAC.  Karine was SVP, GE Capital; MD, Enervest; Closed $6.6 billion project finance deals as an investor and advisor; European utilities experience; Project Development; Masters in finance and engineering, ESA Grenoble (France)
  • Alok Mathur.  Member of AMF team.  Founder and President of GPFAC; Closed $21.4 billion project finance deals; supported $7.1 billion solar portfolio at DOE; lived and worked in US, Switzerland, and India; Head, ABB Financial Services (India); MS, SUNY; MBA, NYU
  • Julie Stewart.  Member of AMF team; Closed $13.1 billion project finance deals; Risk and insurance consulting experience; Business Development at GPU and Enserch; GE Capital Structured Finance.  MBA Dartmouth

Finally, GPFAC's team includes Ruth Beckers, who is based in South Africa and has extensive experience in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  Ruth has closed $16.1 billion worldwide and is a very experienced instructor for courses in Project & Structured Finance and Financial Modeling.  She also is a member of AMF.

In the near future, GPFAC intends to appoint additional team members who will be placed in key emerging markets worldwide.